Jordan Tekenos-Levy is a Criminal Defence Lawyer and Notary Public.

BA (SMU), MSc (Glasgow), LLB (Edinburgh).

Mr. Tekenos-Levy grew up in Kingston, Ontario. Just like many others, his parents met at Queen’s University. Mr. Tekenos-Levy graduated from Frontenac Secondary School (Class of 2004).

In 2015, Mr. Tekenos-Levy commenced his articles of Clerkship under renowned barrister Mr. Richard J. Aitken. Mr. Tekenos-Levy was called to the Bar in 2016 and has since practiced solely in criminal defence. Mr. Tekenos-Levy has litigated matters before the Superior Court of Justice, the Ontario Court of Justice, and the Provincial Offences Court for Ontario. While Mr. Tekenos-Levy operates out of his hometown Kingston, Ontario, Mr. Tekenos-Levy has tried cases across numerous jurisdictions, even travelling as far as Timmins, Brampton, and L’Original.

Mr. Tekenos-Levy possesses a B.A. in Criminology (SMU) where he received both an academic scholarship and placement on the Dean’s list. Thereafter, Mr. Tekenos-Levy received a Scottish Saltire scholarship and completed a Master’s Degree (MSc.) in Human Rights and International Politics at the University of Glasgow. The title of his Master’s paper is: “Prisoner Conditions in the US, UK, and Canada: A Comparative Analysis of Human Rights Law Adherence”. After working as an assistant to Federal Member of Parliament Ted Hsu, Mr. Tekenos-Levy decided to pursue legal studies at the University of Edinburgh School of Law. At law school, Mr. Tekenos-Levy captained the varsity men’s hockey team, was president of the Graduate Law Society, and was an active member of the Mooting Society.

Mr. Tekenos-Levy enjoys food, music, travel, sport, and literature. Mr. Tekenos-Levy is a supporter of the Toronto Maple Leafs/Raptors, FC Barcelona, and the New York Giants.



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Do I need a criminal lawyer?

Mr. Tekenos-Levy shares Abraham Lincoln’s view that “he who represents himself has a fool for a client”. A criminal lawyer possesses specific legal know-how which simply cannot be replaced with a google search. It is very important to exercise the right to retain and instruct a counsel of one’s choosing.

If I hire a lawyer, do I need to attend court?

Once you have consulted and retained Mr. Tekenos-Levy, he will attend Court on your behalf. Mr. Tekenos-Levy will keep you advised as to the progress of your case and will give you ample notice when and if your presence is required in Court.

Do I have to go to Trial?

Mr. Tekenos-Levy will assess all of your particular facts and circumstances. He will provide a comprehensive view as to your case and will ensure that you are fully informed. Ultimately, you will instruct Mr. Tekenos-Levy as to how you would like to proceed. How you proceed typically entails either setting your matter for trial, pleading guilty, or agreeing to some form of negotiated resolution.

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Jordan Tekenos-Levy, BA, MSc., LLB.

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“Jordan is the most competent and careful lawyer that I know! He took care of my case with so much attention and professionalism that everything ended well for me. He made me feel extremely supported and was honest during the whole process. I have no words to express how thankful I am for his work and also for his thoughtful way to conduct the case! I totally recommend him if you are looking for an amazing lawyer! He helped me and I just can say thank you for being an incredible professional! God bless you always!” - A.C.


“I was charged with over 80mg, and was beyond stressed as it was my first criminal charge. I didn’t know where or who to turn to. I retained Jordan Tekenos-Levy to defend me; I couldn’t have been happier. He genuinely cared about what I was going through, and guided me through the process with excellent professionalism and authentic mannerism. He worked on my case, while keeping me updated throughout the entire process. His diligence paid off, and I was acquitted. I would highly recommend Jordan to anyone who is unfortunately dealing with legal issues. Jordan, you’ve given me a second chance, thank you.” - B.S.


“Jordan was my lawyer and was amazing! Friendly, lots of communication and works with you very personally and professionally. Did the best job at cross examination in my trial and I didn't even have to say a word. We won! And am beyond thrilled at his professionalism. Thank you!” - J.H.


“Not going too much into details, but Jordan Tekenos-Levy saved my life and my family. Something that went wrong so fast for absolutely no reason was taken care of by this amazing lawyer. I cannot be thankful enough for his expertise, knowledge and friendliness. He was helping me like a brother and not like a number. Thank you for everything Jordan and wish you nothing but success. Couldn't ask for more.” - S.I.

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